Friday Five 9.5.14

September 5, 2014 § Leave a comment

Here are five things I’ve stumbled on this week that I feel are worth sharing:

1. Don’t Do What You Love

Rachel Nabors, a former professional comic book artist, flips the notion of the common advice, “Do What You Love” and explains how leaving the comic book industry and beginning a different career in web development has changed her thinking on having a career:

We rarely hear the advice of the person who did what they loved and stayed poor or was horribly injured for it. Professional gamblers, stuntmen, washed up cartoonists like myself: we don’t give speeches at corporate events. We aren’t paid to go to the World Domination Summit and make people feel bad. We don’t land book deals or speak on Good Morning America.

Important reading for my artist, musician and writer friends out there in the world.


NPR posted an article on Japanese phenoms Babymetal who blend J-pop music, female dancing and metal into this: 

I have watched it five times already. 

Another gem:

3. Non-Zero Days

99U, a favorite site of mine, posted a brief article regarding the concept of non-zero days as a productivity tool based on a comment in a Reddit thread. 

Turning into productivity ultimate master of the universe doesn’t happen from the vortex. It happens from a massive string of CONSISTENT NON ZEROS. That’s rule number one. Do not forget.

I like this idea of just doing at least one thing every day to further your goal or project. There are days when I feel I haven’t accomplished anything and I think that derives from the fact that a specific result didn’t happen. But often, when focusing on a large project, the end result can be days, weeks, months, even years away. Instead of overwhelming myself by thinking of everything to accomplish to achieve that goal, I find it easier to think of something specific I can do to bring myself closer, even if it’s just one thing as the non-zero day concept argues.

4. Louis Armstrong “Country & Western”


I love this album cover and have been hunting ebay for a copy. Turns out you can stream on Spotify!

5. Jerry Garcia – Compliments

I have been on a weird Jerry Garcia kick lately which is strange given my overall disdain for all things Grateful Dead during high school. 

The first track, Let It Rock, references Mobile, Alabama, my home state, so naturally it grabbed me right from the beginning.

Stream the entire album below:


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