NBA Conference Finals

May 17, 2014 § Leave a comment

Sunday is the beginning of the NBA Conference Finals with the Thunder battling the Spurs and the Heat playing the ever unpredictable Indiana Pacers.

My family and I have been watching this entire season preparing for the playoffs and we finally made it through all of the drama and 4 point plays.

I have pulled for the Pacers all year, not because I’m a huge fan (that accolade goes to Chicago) but because I think they are the only team in the East who can beat the Heat. I want the Spurs to beat the Thunder because Popovich is my favorite coach (example) and I find Westbrook’s 90 mile an hour play for the Thunder as annoying. Durant deserves a championship after this season (and this speech) but I’m not sure they will be able to beat the Heat.

In preparation of tomorrow’s tip off, here is a run down of my NBA live experiences.

To date I have attended three NBA games:

  1. Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls (aka the time I saw Michael Jordan): My mom took me to see the Bulls against the Milwaukee Bucks while visiting family in Illinois over Christmas vacation. The Bulls were so good and the Bucks so bad that she got nervous that Jordan wouldn’t play. She actually called the stadium to make sure he would play. They said yes. Keep in mind I was a Jordan super fan. I owned all of his posters including his wings and easily won a bet in junior high school when a classmate challenged me to wear a different Jordan shirt every day that week. This shirt was my favorite. I can bring up the fact that I saw Jordan play in almost any NBA conversation and people simply sigh and mumble under their breath things I can’t, and probably don’t, want to hear.
  2. Sacramento Kings vs Dallas Mavericks in May 2003 – My wife was 5 months pregnant with our twins and we were in Dallas for my cousin’s college graduation. While in town we attended a Texas Rangers game (too hot) and this playoff game. At this point in my basketball life I had fallen behind on the league after graduating high school and working through college. In 2003 I was three years out of college, in my first job, releasing punk rock records and about to have twin boys so the NBA wasn’t exactly a priority. Thanks to family circumstances we were able to go on the floor prior to the game and watch from a luxury suite. The only thing I remember about this game was that the Mavs scored 83 points in the first half. Now that I’m back into the NBA I’m kicking myself for not enjoying that game more.
  3. Clippers vs Pacers – January 2014 – I hoped to attend three NBA games this season: Bulls vs Grizzlies, Clippers vs Pacers and Heat vs Hawks. The Bulls game was decided against because Derrick Rose and Marc Gasol were both hurt. I researched the Heat/Hawks tickets in April of this year and realized they were all out of my price range. But we did manage to make the Clippers/Pacers game in Indianapolis (tickets were $35 a seat!) where the Pacers won even if Griffin managed to get David West tossed in the second quarter. But we did get to see this Paul George 360 degree dunk.

I’m in no position to make any predictions on who will make it to the Finals, but if I had my choice it would be the Spurs and the Pacers.

Anyone but the Heat.



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