Superchunk Forever

August 13, 2013 § Leave a comment

Superchunk has a new record available on August 20th, I Hate Music.

Growing up in Alabama caused me to be a late bloomer to Superchunk. My freshman roommate Aaron Ford played me No Pocket For Kitty in the Pembroke dorm and I fell in love.

Nashville – was anyone at the Superchunk show at Exit In when Trail of Dead and Erich Bachmann’s Crooked Fingers opened? Eric joined Superchunk during their encore to play Harnessed In Slums, my favorite Archers of Loaf song.

In celebration of the new album (which is streaming at NPR), here are my favorite tracks from Superchunk over the years…

Hyper Enough

Punch Me Harder

For Tension

My Gap Feels Weird

Good Dreams

Slack Motherf*cker

Precision Auto

What Do I 

Nu Bruises

Water Wings

Yeah, It’s Beautiful Here Too


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